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Art + Epic + Comic? Wonderful!


It is astonishing how current and stirring such an old epic can be created! Apart from the very successful combination of artistic drawings and comic-book layout, the text leads comprehensibly through the epic without losing atmosphere.
The panels in this form create exactly that which is particularly remarkable: They allegedly do not connect something that does not fit together and remain in our memories for a long time as a multifaceted Gesamtkunstwerk. I am delighted and will not miss the following boards!

By Quantenschmetterling, April 12, 2008


Strong pictures!


Is this a comic book or an art book? Burkhard Pfister and his team really presented something very remarkable about the Gilgamesh epic. (...)
The first two panels of the epic have an impressive graphic and publishing design. But the strongest thing is certainly the drawings, which stand in an exciting contrast to the sometimes exaggerated language. I am looking forward to the next 10 boards and hope that Pfister and his team will keep up the strength and tension of the first boards. Recommendation: Order now and look forward to the next panels!

by Andreas Kleber, April 06, 2008